Installing new windows: tips you should follow

Whoever decides to fit new windows has one thing above all else in mind: long-term energy savings. The high-quality finish of the windows plays a major role in this. But what is often overlooked: The correct installation is also decisive for optimal heat and sound insulation, durability and burglary protection. Questions and answers about the correct installation of new windows.

New windows improve energy balance and living comfort. Many new models also provide the necessary ventilation themselves. We give you the five most important tips for installing new windows.

What should one pay attention to when installing windows?

Proper jointing plays an important role. Even more stringent standards are applied to the internal jointing than to the external sealing. The inner seal must be airtight all around. The outer jointing must be impact rain tight. In addition, there must be adequate thermal insulation between the window element and the wall over the entire construction depth of the element. The window must also be mechanically fastened all around and its own weight must be reliably supported by the building structure. For shutters above the window, reliable fastening of the window in accordance with the rigidity of the upper frame must be observed. If necessary, intermediate fastening with brackets is recommended or splitting of the shutter on a center post.

What are the biggest mistakes during installation? How can I recognize the errors?

Planning the assembly connections is often the biggest source of errors. Perimeter connections must be carefully thought out and executed. Not every window installation can be done with the same fastener connection. Installation must take into account the size and weight of the window, as well as its intended use and the expected load to which it will be subjected. Windows installed in accordance with these criteria will have long-term resistance to thermal stresses, vibrations, material expansion and weathering. Owners are therefore well advised to call on a well-trained specialist company for the installation, even though this may result in higher costs.

What should I look for when choosing a window installation company?

Window installation companies, whose installation services comply with the quality guarantee, also guarantee first-class window installation on the basis of the installation guidelines. Among other things, they must prove that personnel have been trained and document the installation. The companies are also voluntarily subject to regular inspections by a neutral party. Companies that produce windows with quality assurance usually hold seal of approval. Some trade companies are also qualified.

What consequences can improper installation have on the energy efficiency of the window or on the house itself?

Incorrect installation of windows can lead to unacceptable thermal bridges in corners, lintels, reveals or shutter boxes and as a result cause moisture damage or even mold. In the rarest cases, the density of the windows themselves is the cause of moisture damage or energy loss. The proper execution of the window installation is essential so that the windows optimally insulate heat and keep moisture out. The following applies: the more demanding the properties of a window are, the more important and complex is the installation to maintain the full functionality of the window for many years.

By the way: when renovating older or existing houses, the wall plates often need to be machined to provide a good basis for tight connections.

What else is important when I have new windows installed?

Homeowners should pay attention to the time after installation. For example, a maintenance contract with the company that installs the windows helps keep the elements in top condition for decades. In addition, regular maintenance and care of the windows is wise with a view to their long-term functional efficiency.

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