Window seals: maintenance for more energy efficiency

Our windows are constantly exposed to different weather conditions, such as snow, rain, heat, sun or hail. In addition, windows are opened, tilted or closed every day. Although modern window variants are characterized by their high durability and resistance, only systematic and professional maintenance can increase the comfort of use and thus minimize the costs for a possible repair or a complete replacement of the windows. We will explain in a few tips how to do it properly.

How long does a window seal last?

The average life of a rubber or silicone seal is five years. With proper maintenance, this can be increased. However, if you discover porous spots or severe mold growth, replacement is necessary. If you don’t know exactly what the right gasket should look like, cut out a small piece with a box cutter and take the sample to the dealer.

Window cleaning: the basis of all window maintenance tasks

It all starts with carefully ridding your windows of all kinds of dirt and grime. It is extremely important to use appropriate maintenance and cleaning products that do not affect the corrosion protection of the fittings. When cleaning window profiles, it is better to avoid scratching tools and caustic cleaning agents. Instead, use soft cloths, lukewarm water and glass cleaner/detergent.  Because poorly cleaned seals quickly become porous, lose their elasticity under the influence of atmospheric factors, stick together, crumble and sometimes even go mouldy. Only proper maintenance of windows guarantees a long life. 

Dry window sealing

Always keep your window seals dry! Especially during the heating season, it is important to remove condensation daily with a dry, clean cloth to prevent mold growth.

Maintain seals only with the right agents

The most appropriate agents for maintaining window seals are:

  • Glycerin
  • technical Vaseline
  • machine oil
  • silicone spray
  • talcum powder

Make sure that the sash is left open for about 20 minutes after lubrication. This time is necessary to restore the elasticity of the seals.

Don’t use sharp cleaning agents. For removing coarse dirt, sharp cleaners are just as out of place as scratchy tools.

Rescuing moldy window seals

In many cases, mold-covered areas can be easily removed. You can get rid of a slight mold infestation with a cleaning milk or a mixture of baking soda and water. Remember to rinse the cleaned areas well with clean water and then dry them. Good seal care – better energy balance. With proper care, you will prevent mold growth and protect your window and door seals from stiffening.

Mold is a serious problem in winter. You should wipe off the condensation formed every day.

Wipe the treated areas with clean water and thoroughly dry all window or door seals. In case of severe mold formation, only a seal replacement will help.

Replacing broken seals

Care measures do not help for long in old windows. Therefore, it is worth replacing defective seals. Of course, you will need new seals to do this. Check your existing seals and find out what profile your windows have. Usually, seals from a specialty store are sufficient. 

Only in the case of custom-made windows should you consult a specialist. To be sure, take your old seal with you and compare it on the spot. Buy exactly the type of seal you need. A faulty seal can cause tension between the frame and the sash, often leading to damage to the window.

The next step is to remove the old seal. Take a box cutter and simply cut through the seal. Then pull the seal off and remove any residue. If the seal is stuck, use a spatula or a screwdriver. Do this very carefully, however, so as not to damage the window frame. Now take the new seal, place it in the center at the top and press it into the groove. There are special rollers on the market that make this job much easier. Make the gasket mitred at the corners and glue it in place with a gasket adhesive designed for this purpose. Now check the attached gasket for any gaps and make sure the window is closing properly.

With these simple maintenance and repair tips, you will be able to enjoy your windows for a long time.

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